Intensive summer courses of Czech in Prague

Intensive summer courses consist of two programmes:



Intensive preparatory course of Czech for the follow-up studies of foreigners at private universities in the Czech Republic

Intensive preparatory course of Czech for the follow-up studies of foreigners at secondary schools* in the Czech Republic

Duration of the course:
1.7.2015 – 31.10.2015

Duration of the course:
1.7.2015 – 31.8.2015

Content of the programme:
240 intensive teaching hours of Czech.

Content of the programme:
160 intensive teaching hours of Czech in Prague, the first year of studies of Czech for foreigners at a chosen secondary school.


Number of students in a group: 12-14
Price of the course: 3 200 Eur

Description of the programme:

The students enter the course with zero knowledge of Czech and should reach A2 level of Czech provided they successfully fulfil all the study requirements of the course. In the intensive summer course of Czech the students learn the basics of grammar, relevant command of vocabulary and syntax.

The focus of the course is equally divided between spoken and written language, reading comprehension and listening comprehension. The course is finished with the state exam in Czech.

The students, who successfully pass the exam, will receive a Certificate of successful language exam completion on A2 level of Czech, which is necessary for admission to secondary schools or private universities in the Czech Republic.

The following is included in the price of the programme: visa support of each student (consultations during the preparation of the documents necessary for a long-term visa application), meeting the student at his/her arrival to Prague, arranging accommodation, help with all technical and ordinary issues, help with the validation of the diploma (secondary school certificate), assistance with visa extension, consultations regarding the application and admission to universities. We also accompany the first year students of secondary schools to their school on their first school day (1st September); we also provide consultations concerning the admission and application process to the students who would like to study at private universities in the Czech Republic.

Additional costs upon arrival to Prague: accommodation at the boarding school (260 Eur per month), transport fare (10 Eur), the Internet (10 Eur), and mobile connection (10-20 Eur).

* The following secondary schools are concerned:

The secondary school of glass making in Kamenický Šenov;
The secondary school of art and industrial design in Bechyně;
The secondary school of stone masonry and sculpture in Hořice