The virtual tour of our school

We are sure you will agree that it is always interesting to get at least a glimpse of the future. Keep your eyes wide open, dear friends, because we are inviting you to the virtual tour of Czech Prestige, the language school with accreditation for state language examinations.

We hope that soon you will be walking along these corridors, not virtual but real ones as our students. The school is located in the building of the Banking Institute – one of the best economic universities of the Czech Republic. The building of the school is modern, comfortable, equipped according to the latest standards of technology, and it has everything necessary to offer maximum comfort to the students, starting with classrooms and ending with the canteen.

It is always easy and pleasant to study in such a comfortable environment, the walls literally help the students here.  The vibrant student life of a prestigious university flowing around you gives you the motivation to fight for the opportunity of becoming a student of a Czech university.

Teacher’s Room
Classroom I
Classroom II
Classroom III
Corridor I
Corridor II
View from outside